BILL SCHELLY is a comics and fandom historian whose latest book is the well-received Man of Rock: A Biography of Joe Kubert (Fantagraphics, 2008). A participant in comicdom since 1964, Bill is perhaps best known as the author of The Golden Age of Comic Fandom, which was nominated for a Will Eisner Comics Industry Award in 1996. He has served as associate editor of Roy Thomas’s Alter Ego magazine (Twomorrows Publishing) since its inception. The Seattle-based author has written or compiled fourteen books, and a dozen introductions for DC’s prestigious Archive series of deluxe books. Bill is now busily at work on book #15, Founders of Comic Fandom for McFarland Publications, which is scheduled for release in late 2010.

BOB BEERBOHM of Freemont , Nebraska is known throughout the world as BLB Comics andis one of the upmost authorities on Comic Books pre 1933. His yearly articles on Platinum Age and Victorian Age comics in the Overstreet Price Guide is the industry standard. Bob has been a comic dealer since 1967. This year at San Diego he will be setting up for the 40th time wheeling and dealin' comics..

JOHN WOOLEY, a founding member of OAF, sold his first story in 1969 -- he was drinking a lot of beer in those days and doesn't exactly remember). It appeared in EERIE No. 32, with artwork by Jack Sparling. Since then, he has written thousands of things for money, mostly having to do with horror or pulp fiction or movies or music or pulpy musical horror movies. He's written, co-written, or edited more than 20 books, including the PLAN NINE FROM OUTER SPACE graphic novel, the Oklahoma Book Award finalists DARK WITHIN (fiction) and FROM THE BLUE DEVILS TO RED DIRT: THE COLORS OF OKLAHOMA MUSIC (nonfiction), and the upcoming study of Oklahoma-shot movies, SOONER CINEMA. He and fellow OAF John McMahan are partners in Reverse Karma Press, which recently published Wooley's novel GHOST BAND (with HAWK Publishing Group) and SUPER-DETECTIVE FLIP BOOK (with Off-Trail Press). Wooley is also the first -- and so far only -- writer inducted into the Oklahoma Music Hall of Fame.

Artist/writer/publisher and professor/philosopher Kenneth Smith was born in Austin, Texas, attending UT/Austin from 1962-67. Self-taught in art media and techniques but a long-time fan of Walt Kelly, the EC SF talents and earlier generations of SF artists, he contributed illustrations and cartoons to THE TEXAS OBSERVER and other magazines and books before moving to New Haven for graduate work, when he began contributing to zines like WITZEND, SPA FON, SQUA TRONT, REALITY, and scores of other fantasy/SF/comics publications. His first professional work appeared on the covers of Warren's CREEPY and EERIE and on Lancer and Ace and, later, Bantam Paperbacks.
In 1970 he initiated his own line of fantasy art prints and five issues of his self-written, self-illustrated artzine, PHANTASMAGORIA, to some critical acclaim and occasional nominations for honors. He contributed art to Ray Bradbury's DINOSAUR TALES, to the Ballantine art anthology SORCERERS, to HEAVY METAL SF magazine and to GALAXY SF, to the horror anthology TABOO, and other books and periodicals. .
He is currently at work on a series of art books collecting his mostly unpublished and undisplayed originals from the past 40 years. He has taught philosophy at LSU/Baton Rouge, the University of Dallas, and the University of North Texas. He writes philosophical and political culture-criticism for an email-circuit, teaches teletutorials to a handful of students, and has published three books in philosophy, STUDIES IN NIHILISM AND IDEOLOGY, OTHERWISE and WEBS

LARRY LATHAM currently is writing and drawing the most incredible web comic of the year... LOVECRAFT IS MISSING a web-only graphic novel that asks the intriguing question, "What if H.P. Lovecraft's stories were based on real life?" The story takes the form of a bizarre mystery, as an occult scholar and a fellow pulp writer follow the trail of the vanished Lovecraft and the strange secrets he's stumbled upon. The art is detailed and striking, including amazing some color work . You can jump in right now and catch up. Its all on line at
In the past Larry has worked on Disney's TALESPIN TV series, and many other Hollywood projects. But right now, go and look at his Lovecraft story in progress.

Jack and Carole Bender are in their second decade of producing
the Alley Oop comic strip for 650 newspapers worldwide with a
combined readership of 26 million daily.
Jack has drawn Alley Oop since 1991 and Carole began as
letterer and assistant in 1992. After teaming with Dave Graue as
writer for 10 years, Carole became the sole writer in 2001. She also
does all the finish work on the computer including shading, colouring
and electronic filing. The Benders, who live in Tulsa, are the only husband-and-wife
team in the comics.
Jack was born and raised in Iowa and has degrees from the U. of
Iowa and U. of Missouri. Carole is a native Oklahoman and is a
graduate of Oklahoma State University. Jack was political and sports
cartoonist for the Waterloo (Iowa) Courier for 21 years prior to
moving to Oklahoma in 1984.
Carole is author of the book, Bob Gibson: I Come for to Sing,
published in 1999 by Folk Era Books with a revised edition published
in 2001 by Pelican Publishing Co.
The Alley Oop comic strip, Sunday and daily, also is available
on the Internet. .

LARRY BIGMAN and RICK PAYNE long time collectors return to the Oklahoma classic COMIC BOOK SHOW looking to buy rare collectibles. Larry is interested in First Edition DJ SF hardcovers and SF fanzines or Al Williamson and Frank Frazetta artwork and Rick will buy Old TV show tickets, old movie posters andselected rare baseball memorabalia.

GRANT IRWIN and JERRY WEIST are known world over for their expertise
of collectibles. Grant is a collector and knowledgeable source for GA Comics, Baseball Cards, Underground comix, Beer Cans, Soda bottles, AND MUCH MORE.
His selection of items each year always amaze the masses!
Jerry Weist published Squa Tront THE EC fanzine starting in 1967. Forrest J. Ackerman even visited at Jerrys house. Howz that for status! He's a Bradbury, SF pulp, Crumb art and more expert. Always a pleasure and honor to have Jerry attend the show. (Not to mention all the cool things he will have for sale!)

JOHN MCMAHAN will be attending again this year with his mighty array of fine old comics, pulps and series books. John is currently involved with Reverse Karma Press publishing old Pulp fiction. He also attends PULP cons and has been involved with TULSA comic fandom for years . Johns booths are right inside the door so stop by and see his selection!

ANTHONY SMITH of Houston has confirmed his attendance! Tony will be bringing a fine array of original comic and fantasy artwork as well as a cool selection of old books and comics. A long time HCCAN officer he is looking forward to seeing old friends and making some great deals.

ERIC J. GROVES is the OAF auctioneer and president of Comic Art Fundation.
Eric will have for sale a incredible selection of Golden Age and Silver Age comics, pulps and BLBs. Last year we gasped at his BOY #3 ..what will it be this year?
You can always count on Eric to have a nice group of books on hand! Big fan of Caniff and Gould and always looking to add rare items to those collections!


CHARLIE FREDGREN and DON MARIS will both be at the con. Charlie now 44 is looking for the old classic movie posters. Last year his display of posters was incredible and a joy for all of us to see. Don was the brains behind REMEMBER RADIO the old radio show catalog business that supplied tens of thousands of collectors with reel to reel and cassette shows starting in 1968. Don is also a avid collector of GA Comics, Sunday Pages, Advertising items and much more.


Rick Kelsey is a fan and collector of many different things including comics, old video and board games, books, toys, magazines, TV and movie memorabilia, fanzines, and things related to his 1960s childhood and 1970s teenage years.

He has worked in a variety of different professions and work environments including editor/administrative assistant for management and audio/video consulting firms; a writer for weekly and daily area newspapers and public relations departments; and in various retail stores including a comic book shop and grocery store.

Brett is the author of CLASSIC HOME VIDEO GAMES 1972-1984 and a writer about old comics and other toy and related items. His book on video games is pratically a bible for the industry. A must have if you collect any old game systems.

CAT CONRAD originally hails from Oklahoma. His background includes a degree in fine arts from the University of Science & Arts in Chickasha, Oklahoma. From there, Cat learned just how far his art degree would take him … across town and into a 10-year stint as an industrial chemist who could be paid as a lab rat. Prolonged exposure to hazardous materials did little to improve Cat’s humor,in 1991 he eschewed the “underground” movement and moved to Texas! Currently, in addition to being an award-winning painter, scholar and punning linguist, He has been a featured auctioneer at numerous conventions throughout the Southwest, including the famed five and a half hour marathon auction of WorldCon 51 that was so incredible that even Guinness record keepers couldn't be convinced!

BRUCE SHULTS seen here doing his best "EC Segar sitting at a drawing table" reenactment will be back at OAFcon displaying parts of his world famous POPEYE collection. Bruce will also be buying old series books in DJ ! Ask to see his want list.

ROBERT A. BROWN seen here watching his kineoscope print of Birth of a Nation, is co-chairman of this yearly event. Active in fandom since the EC days of the 1950's ,Robert possesses some of the finest collectibles. Check out his displays at the show.

ROGER HILL seen here sitting at WALLY WOODS drawing table will be bringing a wide selection or comic and fantasy original artwork to OAFCON as well as copies of his new monster fanzine. His biography book on the life of REED CRANDALL is due out soon and will be the book of the year to own!

FREDERIC WERTHAM actually was a member of OAF back in 1970. He received our fanzine and even used a full page for a OAF zine cover repro in his book on fanzines. I know he wouldnt approve of us collecting those horror and terror comics today, but we gotta salute him! SEDUCTION OF THE INNOCENT carries a lot of influence for later to come fandom and ranks as one of the core comic book reads!

JOHN BRYANT comic dealer from Tulsa is always ready to buy, sell and trade for your comics. His selection of old comics is always full of bargains and deals are to be had! John is particularlly fond of 1950's DCs and Harvey comics.

BART BUSH seen here in his SPIKE JONES suit will be co-hosting this OAF shindig for collectors! Besides selling a vast array of GA/SA comics, pulp magazines, big little books and dime novels at the con he will be looking for scarce Dick Tracy, Frank Merriwell and Felix the Cat items for his collection.